CP palettes have been developed by the chemical industry (CP= Chemical Pallets) to have a similar concept to the exchangeability of EPAL palettes on supports and formats that are compatible with the needs of chemical industries: positioning of sacks, big bags and barrels, depending on the different formats.  

In practice, the exterior dimensions (width and length) are respected, and the other parameters are adapted to the client's wishes, and the demands of the market.

Dimensions and applications of the main CP palettes used:

Name Format (l-L in mm) Main application
CP1 1000-1200 Sacks
CP2 800-1200 Sacks
CP3 1140-1140 Big bags, sacks and barrels
CP4 1100-1300 Sacks
CP7 1100-1300 Sacks + stacked palettes
CP8 1140-1140 Big bags with filling/discharging spouts
CP9 1140-1140 Big bags, octabin, sacks and barrels