• Foundation of the PALETTERIE FRANCOIS (palette production centre) - 1,000 palettes fabricated each day.


  • Investment to increase production to 1,500 palettes per hour.
  • Investment (Weiss 2MW boiler) to recycle the energy coming from wood by-products.


Creation of RECYBOIS in Association with IDELUX

  • Cogeneration for the recycling of provincial "wood waste." 
  • Sawing - 100M3 of logs per hour.
  • Pellet production unit (45,000 tonnes per year). 
  • Installation of Logico in Rodange, Luxembourg. Active company in second-hand palettes.


Acquisition of WOODLOG (13,000 M2)

  • Collection, logistics and recycling of large packaging at European level. 
  • Development of a palette collection, storage and resale system at international level.


  • Purchase of WOODENERGY (formerly VALORBOIS) in THIMISTER- Cogeneration and production of 50,000 tonnes per year of combustible wood pellets.
  • Purchase of ACE and CDS in France. Active societies in the logistics and collection of packaging.


  • Creation of BRP in Thuin in association with the PGS group.


  • Construction of the TRIGENERATION KIOWATT site in GDL (Bissen), result of the partnership between GROUPE FRANCOIS and LUXENERGIE, an entity specialised in energy sale contracts (classic cogeneration, biomass, heat, cooling, backup currents).
  • Transformation of wood in 4 forms: heat, electricity and cooling from the recycling of wood from Luxembourg's scrap wood and pellets from sawdust and other leftover wood (products connected to sawing). 
  • 14,2% contribution to the aim to reduce emissions in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.


New investments of RECYBOIS and the Paletterie François palette production centre, to create:

  • A materials evaluation park (sorting, etc.).
  • 2 new production lines for pallet blocks (40.000 M3/year) used in the pallet building process. These pallet blocks are exclusively made from waste woods from other in-house production lines (to further strenghten our circular economy model)
  • 500 KW of photovoltaic solar energy production across 10,000 M2